"Calvin Statue"

Size: 5" Including Base
Medium:  Super Sculpey
Artist:  Tom Key

I did this statue of Calvin from Bill Watterson's classic comic strip series Calvin & Hobbes as a birthday present for my Dad. He's a big fan of that series, and I am too! We really miss it being there in the newspaper to read. It was one of the very best!
Unfortunately, Bill Watterson is VERY anti-merchandising, so there will probably never be any statues of Calvin or Hobbes. So, I decided to see what he'd look like in 3-D. I tried to send a photo of it to Mr. Watterson via his publisher, but they said he has a policy about not receiving such things. Oh, well... I tried!
Maybe I'll do a Hobbes someday.
This image Copyright Tom Key 1999
Calvin Copyright Bill Watterson 2014
(c)Tom Key 1999