Size:  13" x 23"-  13" x 23"-  16" x 23"
Medium:  Acrylic on Canvas
Artist:  Tom Key

I did this piece after I had done several other single panel blow ups on canvas. I'm a big Curt Swan fan and I wanted to challenge myself to do a series of panels. So, I decided to take three panels from a 1970 issue of Superman Comics where all the Kryptonite on Earth had been turned into harmless iron by a freak chain reaction.  A bad guy tries to lay a piece on Superman, but is stunned when Supes takes it from him and begins to chow down on it. I've always loved that sequence, and it shows Swan's amazing ability to render different expression so well.
The originals were sold at auction at the annual Superman Celebration in Metropolis, Illinois in 2000.


This image Copyright Tom Key 1999
Superman Copyright DC Comics 2014
(c)Tom Key 1999
"Curt Swan Triple Canvas"