"Samaritan Doll"

Size:  12" Tall
Medium:  Super Sculpey, Lycra, & Vinyl
Artist:  Tom Key(Head Sculpt), & Kris Meadows(Costume)

Samaritan was done for Toyfare Magazine's "Astro City Design Contest" in late 1997. Kris Meadows and I enjoyed the series and various characters designed by Alex Ross. Being big Superman fans, we wanted to do Samaritan because he's essentially the Superman of Astro City!
Kris did up the costume in various materials to fit a 12" Mego Superman doll, and I sculpted the face and made modifications to the feet and body.
We were very pleased when the figure won GRAND PRIZE in Toyfare's February 1998 Issue ( #6).
*See the article in Toyfare Magazine in the Pubished Work Section
This image Copyright Tom Key and Kris Meadows 1997
Samaritan Copyright DC Comics 2014
(c)Tom Key and Kris Meadows 1997