"Superman Letter Art"

Size:  4" x  9.5"
Medium:  Ink, Marker, and Watercolor on #10 Envelope
Artist:  Tom Key

This piece of art was done for Wizard Magazine, a leading fan magazine devoted to reporting on all things related to the comic book field.
Each month, Wizard invites it's readers to illustrate the outside of any common mailing envelope with their favorite comic book character(s). I decided to do my favorite, Superman, as the protector of Planet Earth.
Inspired by artist Alex Ross' recent tabloid novel "Superman: Peace on Earth", I attempted to pay homage to my favorite painter by doing the Man of Steel ala' his style. However, not having mastered paint the way he has, I decided to do it in pen and ink instead.
I sent my entry in and waited patiently for the results. After what seemed like an eternity, I was pleased to find that I had won Letter of the Month!
*See the published artwork from Wizard Magazine.

This image Copyright Tom Key 2000
Superman Copyright DC Comics 2014
(c) Tom Key 2000