"Original Head Sculpt for Electro-Superman Doll"
Prepatory Artwork for Possible Statues
Front View
Left Profile
Right Profile
KC Statue Sketch
Steel-Grey Version
Fleischer Animated Statue
Tom Key -  I was born in New York State in a town called Endicott. After that, my family moved to Pennsylvania for a few years, then down to Atlanta, GA. It was in Atlanta that my abilities as an artist really took off. My older brother Jim was a tremendous influence on me and introduced me to great comic book artists such as Neal Adams, Berni Wrightson, Frank Brunner, and Jim Aparo.
In recent years, I've tried my hand at sculpting, and I hope to get better and better at that. Some of my biggest influences today would have to be Mike Mignola, Steve Rude, Alex Ross, and Randy Bowen!
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KC Statue Sketch #2
Work in Progress & Conceptual Art
Behind the Scenes